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The Security Center
Caution can never be overused.
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19th-Nov-2010 05:28 pm(no subject)
[Time: Monday, morning]

*Red Alert stalks out of the medbay, doors pinned back and a stormy expression on his face. He isn't sure where he's going - somewhere away from Inferno and Firestar, where he can clear his head*
26th-Oct-2010 05:23 pm - Back to the medbay.
[Time: Sunday, afternoon]

*Soon as he has confirmation that Firestar has arrived and Wheeljack is in route, Red Alert signs out at the Security Center and, picking up a couple of cubes of energon, heads down to the medbay.*

*smiles at Inferno as he comes in* Sorry to chase your company off, but we had a bit of a situation. And speaking of- *looks around for Ratchet*
26th-Oct-2010 08:38 am - Paging, paging...
[Time: Sunday, Midday]

*comm* Red Alert to Firestar - Do you feel up to another trip? Wheeljack has had a Decepticon encounter and needs a pick up.

((ooc: welcome to the madness. :) ))
14th-Sep-2009 05:31 pm - Still working
[Sunday, evening]

*Watches the reports come in from Seattle, cross-referencing and compiling the accounts into a coherent report. It had all the earmarks of a spat of Decepticon in-fighting and not a raid and was over quick enough that it didn't make sense to scramble the jets, especially since a good chunk of their forces were still recovering from the raid at the power plant. Instead, he just finishes the report and sends it to the command staff*

*closes down his work station and stretches, debating heading down to the rec room for a cube of energon*
3rd-Apr-2009 10:29 am - Trouble in California
[Time: Tuesday, morning]

*Frowns at the news reports coming in of a fight in LA. He starts to open a comm to Smokescreen to ask what the frag he thought he was doing, then decided better of it.*

*Comm to Optimus Prime* Optimus, we have a problem.
22nd-Mar-2009 08:34 am - Working
[Time: Monday, midday]

*Frowns at the reports coming up on his screen*

*officer's comm* Jazz, Ironhide, I'm getting reports of Decepticon movement. Sounds like the Stunticons are up to something. Reports are coming in across Washington State.

((ooc: Open season on the Cons! XD ...Or just an opportunity to bring in just about anyone who wants to join in. Come on in, the mayhem's fine.))
12th-Nov-2008 07:46 am - Showing up for work - a tad late
[Time: Thursday, mid-morning]

*Red slips into his office a bit later than normal, looking around suspiciously before going in to sort out the backlog of work he skipped out on yesterday and update the status reports.*

Status ReportCollapse )

*uploads the status report and buries himself in his work*
[Time: Wednesday, early morning]

This shouldn't have happened. I've spent the last few hours since Megatron's escape going over the security cameras and the brig system reports, and frankly, if I hadn't seen the readings myself, I never would have believed that someone could survive doing that, much less fight immediately afterwards.

But Megatron did, and now we have five mechs in medbay, and it was simple luck that no one died. Obviously, the brig needs upgraded, but even with increase in energy from Wheeljack's little science project, there's still the problem of time and materials. I can't really justify ignoring the gaps in the outer security system in favor of a brig that we've used what, twice? since we arrived on Earth. I'm afraid that for now, a few basic repairs are in order, and hopefully we don't end up with any more "guests" for a while.

Feh. If nothing else, repairing the brig systems will keep me out of the way of First Aid's little band of supporters. I went ahead and reinstated his clearence when the first of the wounded were taken to the medbay, but I doubt they bother to check before deciding, as usual, that I'm an evil petty slagger out to get them.

I need to get out of here and actually get something done before I do something really petty...
17th-Sep-2008 02:09 am - Someone's in trouble...
No. Just no.

[time: Tuesday, evening]

*Red Alert waited until Hound was taken care of and First Aid had a chance to fix Ratchet's hands before acting*

*comm* First Aid. You have violated a direct order and deliberately breached security protocols. Again. In light of the current state of affairs, I'm not going to have you thrown in the brig, but you will return to your quarters immediately. Consider yourself confined to quarters until further notice.  Am I clear?

[Time: Tuesday, mid morning]

Hmph. Spent an annoyingly large chunk of last night going through the system and performing the updates that everyone neglected to do while I was gone, and it looks like I'll be spending most of today going over the security footage that I doubt anyone even bothered to look at the first time.

I hate outings. Not only did I end up filthy and not only did we get attacked by Megatron, I get to come home to this.
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